Monday, February 11, 2008

For Real...

Mark my words, when Tricky dies everyone is going to be riding his dick like Pac, BIG, L, and Dilla...


Some of the dopest ish Ive heard since traditional Hip Hop died. Peep it and if you like it, buy it...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Long Ball Larry

One of the funniest shows on TV. If you aint on it, you sleeping.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Big Doe, Nope?

Damn, I feel you Ghost. 30,000 units when you got like 100,000 + friends on myspace? Imma buy his disc, but only when I see him have it on sale when he tours. The reason I dont feel bad is that I saw Ghost 3 times in 2007: Rock the Bells San Fran, Roxy ATL, and Scion show in ATL (free). The reason why I didnt buy his album is because I am busy and don' t have time for music stores. Hell, the last two albums I bought (Radiohead and Saul Williams) allowed me to pick the price I wanted to pay for it on a instant download after the purchase. I dont care about album covers or bulky cd cases, plus those last two albums I bought put more money in the artist pocket than by me going to the store to buy them.

Here is the reasoning: An artist gets like $.85 - $1.25 per CD sold. The majority of remaining money goes to the record label, production, and promotion. When the artist does the select your own price model they get to by pass the record label's cut and only have to really pay for production and promotion of the music which allows the artist to bring in almost twice the amount they would have pulled in per album than the traditional retail model.

I hate it for Ghost cause he deserves a Mighty Healthy payday. I will buy his album as soon as either I see him rock a show with a merch table or I catch a good .mp3 (256kb) download that allows me to pick my price. Artist have to realize who holds the power right now for album sales.