Monday, November 17, 2008

DJ Rupture


This is a must have for those rainy days. You will thank me later.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Inhaled, Frequently

One last Barak post for my Post-Election Blues.

I bet he was stoned during this interview.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tv On The Radio on KEXP

Tv On the Radio has been putting its stamp on the music scene for the past 6 years and has not had one let up.

Every song, every album seems to being getting better than the previous release.

One thing that my dad use to tell me that I would know when I am great when everything after me bears my mark and everything before me is obsolete.

In 5 years you will see this bands mark in everyones sound and you can say you heard it from me first.

Here is a live recording of the band on the notorious KEXP radio show.

Peep the links below and enjoy.

Blues From Down Here
Wolf Like Me


Yo, If you arent a fan of comics, then you will be. If you haven't read Watchmen, then you will be. This is going to be the best Comic Book adaptation ever; hands down. This story has no known superheros, but is constructed by one of the greatest comic book idealist of all time, Alan Moore.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


"In charge of the Senate?" ....Uh...wrong buzzer Caribou Barbie....

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fucking Sheep!!!

This motherfucker referred to his supports as "My fellow prisoners". Peep game...

"Keating Economics" Starring Senator John McCain

Well if any of us are questioning why America's Economy is experiencing the turmoil that it is faced with today, here is a prime example of how reckless deregulation of our financial companies can effect not only America, but also the rest of the world's economy.

The Keating Five Scandal of 1989 shows us the birth of the bubble that popped on us a few weeks back. Who else would be a "Maverick" to take part in it other than John McCain? After receiving millions of US dollars and political benefits in acts of fraud, John McCain was exonerated (along with NASA hero and former U.S. Senator, John Glenn) for the part he played with five other senators in preventing and intimidating regulators after the Lincoln Savings and Loan institute blew up and robbed thousands of innocent bank clients for billions of dollars of their entire life savings.

Say what you want to about this being a ploy to salt the name of John McCain, but the simple fact is it happened. He (along with Glenn) side step all the issues due to "poor judgment".

How can we as a country which is facing the biggest economical crisis in U.S. History trust someone who helped to keep deregulation as a part of the U.S. economy? I might have a second opinion of McCain if he truly was sorry about what happened in the Keating scandal by switching his stance on regulating U.S. banks. However, even after the case in 1990, McCain has been a supporter of deregulation all the way until March of 2008, some 13 years later. The only reason why he flip flopped on his stance were political and knowing that the bed he had made would be brought completely to light.

Please watch this video to learn more about Keating Economics before you cast your vote in November.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bulls on Parade

"The Triggers Cold So Empty Your Purse..."

2nd Try, Twice As Nice...


Alright, anyone who heard the 9th Wonder and Jean Grae album of late has to be left with a bitter taste in their mouth. How could two of underground hip hops biggest names go together like oil and water with a lack luster album? I have to admit that 9th has been tapped out of beats for the entire year of 2008. Does Jean have to take this? No, She can just do a Julio Jones Side line shake and catch a remix pass from the boys of Blue Sky, Black Death. Peep the link below...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where Has He Been?

Mr. Lif I Heard It Today

New Lif track that hits the head right on the head. Production by Willie Evans, Jr.(this guy just never disappears)...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Long Way To Go

New mixtape from the Hoes In Chokers favorite DJ, DJ Dainja. Chock full of the latest in underground hip hop tracks available. We are still waiting on the Dave Matthews "Under the Decks and Fiening", but we can settle for Dainja's "Long Way To Go". You can also cop a hard copy at the new downtown hip hop store, the Bench. Download here, support, and big ups to Dainjarous.



Tuesday, September 9, 2008



What's funky, awesome, and maybe the best album TVOTR has released so far (I'm a sucker for hype)? The answer is obvious; Dear Science. As I mentioned in the previous sentence, this is both funkier (see: Golden Age) and more consistent than Return to Cookie Mountain. I know I suck at writing long reviews, so instead I'll provide a song walkthrough.

The opener, Halfway Home, begins with a wall of sound strangely similar to Wolf Like Me, but after some seconds it departs in another direction as Tunde Adebimpe's monotonous vocals come in. During the song, the guitars adapt an almost Loveless-esque sound and create a great, melancholic soundscape together with the hypnotic vocals. Both The Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine come to mind, in an awesome, non-plagiarism, kind of way.

Crying is the first funky song on the album. Mixing noise pop electronics, falsetto singing and horns, this is a very interesting listen.

Dancing Choose is a faster song than the previous two, starting with a rap over either a massively distorted bass or electronic noise. It then develops into a full post-punk-funk assault, ending with a battle between the horns and guitars.

The fourth song, Stork & Owl, is a calmer and sadder song, featuring almost-Gregorian chanting, searing Godspeed You! Black Emperor-like strings with electronic drums and handclaps.

Golden Age sounds more like Prince than anything. Danceable, catchy and funky (that word can't be said too many times when describing this album). You can still hear the characteristic, fat guitars in the background though. They're just a bit quieter than usual.

Family Tree is another slow song, not entirely unlike Stork & Owl. The strings are back, and they're maybe even more beautiful this time. This is also one of the more post-rock-ish songs on the album, featuring a long buildup ending in an epic climax.

Red Dress swiftly turns you upside down after the calming previous song. "Fuck your war, 'cause I'm fat and in love, and no bombs are falling on me for sure." A wonderful line to start an awesome, sexy, afro-beat-y song. This is a really cool pop song, but also brings The Mars Volta to mind at some instrumental parts (listen 02.25 minutes into this song and tell me that isn't true). There's also some really epic horn work going on here.

Love Dog. The only song I cant stop listening to when I first got the rip. This is very much in the same vein as "Wear You Out" from Desperate Youth, but it doesn't really match the other ones on Dear Science. However, this might be my most favorite song on the album. Either way, this is a moodier song, featuring a long build up, the strings once again, and sad vocals.

Shout Me Out is such an amazing song that I nearly can't grasp it. It's got a driving beat, underwater-sounding super-psychedelic guitars, and a ridiculously catchy melody. A future indie classic, maybe even beating Wolf Like Me as the most sing-a-long-ish and catchy TVOTR tune. True indie pop goodness.

DLZ is perhaps the darkest song on this album. It's like Joy Division covering In Rainbows spiced up with some Burial night time moodiness. It's still really catchy though. "Who's next?"

Lover's Day finally closes the album, featuring the return of the massive Return to Cookie Mountain foghorn guitars and frantic drumming. The melancholic melody, post-rock build-ups, and marching band feel fits prefectly together. A perfect closer.

In conclusion, go get this fucking album and thank the staff at hoes and chokers (big up to Babir for finding the rip the day it was leaked)...