Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Bus Ride in San Fran....

Aiight, Me and my comrades went to San Fran for the Rock the Bells Tour this past summer. Dope hip hop; however on the bus we found this woman who is probably one of the get aways to the Charlie Manson murders. Peep this nutty shit out...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Did He Just Say What I Think He Said, Part II

"What a way to go out, out like a Sucka" - EPMD ("Housing")

You know what Dog, you acting like a lil bitch right neow!

Big up to Kelly!!!

If You Cant Respect That, Then Your Whole Perspective is Wack!!!

Anyone who knows Rob Banks knows that he is a bitch of a competitor. I don't give a fhq if its a a game of Madden (oh, I will work you) or game of tag, I want to win. I'll fuck you up and get all up in your shit...spray paint your face...I believe in straight smashing stereotypes and winning by all means necessary. If you dont like to compete then that says something about you. You aren't going to be able to survive on certain levels. Its therapeutic. I say all of this cause of all the sports that I have respect for, the game of footbag has to be tied for number 1 behind baskteball back in Jordan's heyday. Kats who kick footbag get a special "BIG UP" from me simply because these kids are doing this shit simply for the love of the game. The best player in the world wins an annual contest called World Footbag Championship that pays out $1000 to 1st place and $0 to 2nd place. Now thats love... Damn right, ESPN hasn't thrown a fucked up mass marketing "X" factor on it yet either nor is there a Nike contract out there for players . Hell, I doubt its even on their radar as a sport. Just a pair of Rod Laver Addidas and a bag of pellets or dirt. Thats why I like it...Cats doing creative shit, with style and whole lotta energy in a non revenue producing, highly competitive environment. Peep the videos and tell me this aint DOPE!!!! You heard it here first....

Felix Zenger

Vasek Klouda

Ryan Mulroney

Stay Tuned...

Sunday, November 11, 2007

How Can Hip Hop Be Dead When Wu Tang is Forever?

New Wu Tang Mixtape by Mathematics!!! Just a little something to keep your head at bay while you wait for the studio album to drop this Decemeber....

Wu-Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams Mixtape ( 2007 )
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1) Intro feat. Method Man
2) Watch Ur Mouf (Wu-Tang Exclusive)
3) State Of Grace (Raekwon Exclusive)
4) Break That Break (Unreleased)
5) Wu Banga 101 Remix (Unreleased)
6) My Corner (Raekwon Exclusive)
7) Stick Me 4 My Riches (Wu-Tang Exclusive)
8) Thug World (Wu-Tang Exclusive)
9) Maxine Remix (Unreleased)
10) King Toast Queen (Unreleased)
11) Strawberries & Cream Remix
12) Weak Spot (Wu-Tang Exclusive)
13) Intoxicated feat Macy Gray (ODB Exclusive)
14) Crooklyn Dodgers (Ghostface Exclusive)
15) The “W” Remix (Unreleased)
16) Real Nillaz
17) Ghost Is Back
18) Don’t Go Breaking My Heart ODB feat Macy Gray
19) Violent Skit
20) Life Changes (Wu-Tang Exclusive)
21) Treez (Unreleased)
22) The Abduction
23) John 3:16
24) Good
25) Da Destroyer (Raekwon Freestyle)
26) Iron God Chamber
27) 4:20
28) Wise (Unreleased)
29) Presidential M.C. (Bonus Track - The Heart Gently Weeps)

Don't be too optimistic though cause there is beef within the ranks. Whats the deal with RZA? Ghost is pissed at Steve Rifkind's attempt to stop his album from being released the exact same day as "8 Diagrams" and Rae questions the direction RZA's sound is going for the new album. Peep the Raekwon interview with . Hopefully, the Gods will work this out. There's blood on Chef's apron...

Big up to Ry2tha on this one...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tv On The Radio x Trent Reznor x Peter Murphy (Bela Lugosi's Dead)

Turn up your fucking speakers!!! Big up to whoever assembled this cast together. Unfuckwithable!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of Niggy Tardust

It only felt right to follow a distasteful topic of the previous blog with the new Saul Williams (production by Trent Reznor) album. Music has been so weak this year (hell, even the last 5 years) that this is slowly becoming one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. Below the picture is a link to the download that I bought directly from his site last week and have not stopped listening to it since I got it. If you like it, buy it and support it at ...Respecognize the new way of selling music...Big up!!!

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  1. "Black History Month" (Williams, Reznor, Thavius Beck) – 3:15
  2. "Convict Colony" (Williams, Reznor, CX KiDTRONiK) – 3:24
  3. "Tr(n)igger" (Williams) – 3:54
  4. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" (U2) – 4:05
  5. "Break" – 3:18
  6. "NiggyTardust" (Williams, Reznor, CX KiDTRONiK) – 3:40
  7. "DNA" (Williams, Reznor, Beck, Isaiah "Ikey" Owens) – 4:02
  8. "WTF!" (Williams, Reznor, CX KiDTRONiK) – 5:29
  9. "Scared Money" (Williams) – 3:48
  10. "Raw" (Williams) – 2:50
  11. "Skin of a Drum" – 3:55
  12. "No One Ever Does" – 3:14
  13. "Banged and Blown Through" – 3:43
  14. "Raised to be Lowered" (Williams, Reznor, CX KiDTRONiK) – 5:22
  15. "The Ritual" – 5:20

Did He Just Say What I Think He Said...

Dog The Bounty Hunter, what an idiot. I cant believe this dude risked millions of dollars to get some shit off his chest, even if it was suppose to be off the record. This is 2007 and there are cameras and microphones in damn near every phone, streetlight, and even pen. Everybody in America knows the history and the potency of saying the word 'Nigger' and if he was dumb enough to let that word out of his mouth to someone who does not care about his career, then he deserves the repercussions. Yeah, this country is built off of the principle of "freedom of speech", but this country is also built upon thousands among thousands of lies. He has a certain level of responsibility not to just his family and his career to keep his nose clean on and off the record, but he also has an unspoken responsibility to the people who cut his check not to tarnish their brand with his opinions. When he owns his own vehicle to get his show out independently then sure he can proudly say it, but seeing that someone else cuts his check then he needs to stfu when he wants to vent stupid shit to people who don't care about his career. Dog really should have taken a cue from Michael Richards and Don Imus from earlier this year who also lost thousands of dollars for being dumb and ranting "nigger" like it is Alabama in in the summer of 1955 or some shit. Rich rednecks just have to be smarter than that and know their place. BTW, I'm an African American male and not for one second do I think people of other races don’t say this word behind closed or open doors, nor do I even care if they call me a 'nigger' cause they can not stop their daughter from wanting to fuck me :). On the real, no one can stop it from being said; but, when its said by a celebrity or notable figure to the public who is not African American, then you go from being famous to 'infamous' and thats when they pull the rug from under you and make you realize just how small and easily replaced you will become. The powers that be will revoke your celebrity membership in a blink of an eye and hit you where it hurts the wallet which is way more powerful than being hit in the mouth.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Warning

Disclaimer: This is not a place to receive a free $500 Macy's card or a place to receive a new Gucci bag. You think we give a fuck abut a Macy's card after we've cleaned out the fucking cash registers? Do you think we need some fake ass spammer to hook up a Gucci bag for us? Shit, we snatch fucking Gucci bags.

Okay, okay, okay I have to admit the page does look like its on a S&M tip. The name "Hoes and Chokers"and the picture of Sasha Grey with a fucking dog collar around her neck looking all shot out really does not do much for my case either. Let me just run down the focus of this sight for all those wondering ''whats really going on?''....

Why the Name?

Well anyone who is reading this blog should already know where the name came from and if not I am quite certain that you are some fucking young ass new jack who thinks that Weezy is now a lyrical genius. The truth behind this is like Antwon said "I am sick of the these wack ass rappers, like I'm tired of 'hoes in chokers' ". The truth is we are tired of these wack ass rappers, well to be honest we are tired of anything/person(s) that is remotely an obvious trend, no talented ripoffs, or unoriginal dick riders. Say that I am getting grumpy in my old age, but any man who has been around long enough to know bullshit when he sees it.

The part that I think a few people questioned me most on was the words "Hoes" and Chokers" (not so much the word ''in'' that I imagined would get the most criticism). When I say hoe, I do not mean some fallacious woman (well, actually I do) or garden tool. "Hoe" to me means any person who would do something they would normally not do under seemingly unusual circumstances with the assumptions/expectations of return of personal gain, financial/material gain, or for the feeling of acceptance from a particular group(s)/person. ''Chokers'' are the mental chains around the "hoes" neck that the ''master'' uses to keep the hoe at bay and within arms reach.

Now that the bullshit is aside "hoes and chokers" is committed to bring it's readers the most up to date topics in the areas of:
1. Music
2. Art / Fashion/ Celebrity fuck ups
3. Technology
4. Sports
5. Business Trends
Monthly Bonus: Our monthly favorite female porn star (damn skippy!)

If you like Roger Goodell, Young Jeezy, and/ or George Bush, then i wish AIDS upon you and this site is not for you.

If you are tired of corporate propaganda, the constant flow of the bullshit multi-layered marketing into our art forms, and just stoopid motherfuckers in general then stay tuned cause you are in the right blogspot. One thing anyone who has ever know our CEO, Rob_Banks then you know he's been sick of these wack ass rappers just like he's tired of...TO BE CONTINUED!!!